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Amended Constitution Of The Greater Cleveland Mortgage Bankers Association 1997

Business Purposes. The object of this Association shall be to promote the welfare of real estate lenders and mortgage bankers of Greater Cleveland, Ohio and improve their service to the community, and particularly:

A. To encourage among its Members sound business practices and methods in the making, marketing and servicing of real estate mortgage loans including the maintenance of adequate local area servicing facilities for servicing the needs of lenders, investors and borrowers;

B. To preserve and improve the mortgage banking correspondent system and to encourage its use in the making and servicing of mortgage loan investments;

C. To study financing techniques that would be helpful in meeting future needs of housing, commerce and industry;

D. To keep abreast of and to inform its members of changes and other developments in mortgage laws and of pending legislation affecting the rear estate and

E. To sponsor meetings for the discussion of real estate mortgage lending problems; and

F. To take other appropriate action to further the foregoing purposes.

Ethics and Standards. This Association hereby adopts, and each Member of this Association agrees to observe, the Canons of Ethics and Standards of Practice in the form attached to this Constitution as the same may be amended from time to time.


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